Phone it my down-to-earth and dull manly view of love, however, if reconciliation is really what you need

Here i will be yet again! To begin with; many thanks with this internet site and all sorts of your advices.

We had a while aside (fourteen days) then we began your whole “lets see if this might be something”. The 2 days aside made my ex think, in which he explained with me and wanted to be with me and only me that he was IN love. But he didnt feel prepared for the relationship (and neither do we), but we’ve been seeing one another to see if it the results could be considered a relationship anyhow.

This he heard about a woman who’d been seeing a man for 11 months, and he still didnt want a relationship saturday. He stumbled on me personally with bad conscience and wished to talk about “us”. He nevertheless didnt would like a relationship, and then he didnt understand if he ever would. He stated he knew he had been in love he felt much more happy and he didnt wanted to be with anyone else and la la la with me, that the time we’ve been seeing each other.