Thread: girl wishes open partnership, i dont. Gone online dating a girl for 3 months. I have merely already been viewing them.

woman desires available relationship, i dont

understand shes just been watching me personally. We were exclusive, i mean we see each other 2 or 3 times a week, i know her friends, etc so I assumed. You operate almost like a couple.

however today we owned a talk about any of it so I determined she still takes into account by herself individual. -She said she loves that which we have but doesnt wish any responsibilities at this time, just because a great deal is changing inside her lifetime. I inquired if it designed she’d date various other guys, and she said yeah why not.

Definitely this isnt what i want, the thought of several other person starting up with her can make me fkking sick.

other people experienced this example? exactly how achieved it settle on?

From the brief second my own strategy simply to draw upward. Believe she doesnt begin getting along with other folks. We do not see theres much else i can do. I was able to end watching their, but i prefer her continuously for that.

place your foot down bro dat ultimatum

Really? After all immediately we are just seeing one another. If she dubs by herself solitary when in fact you become partners, can it be really worth bothering more than?

As such if she wants to be single and slut around, treat her.

shes sleeping around and there’s nothing can be done about any of it. Extremely either maintain them and make use of them to be a FWB, or ignore her and go forward.

Perform the very same OP, not just very much else you are able to do, at the very least you don’t know she actually is watching various other people while you’re allowed to be special