Why you need to not maintain a Long Distance union, based on somebody who’s Been in a single for 5 Years

New flash: Distance does not result in the heart develop fonder.

I have been dating my boyfriend for 8 years (adorable but additionally like WTF). We came across our freshmen 12 months of senior high school and in the event that you would’ve asked us then whenever we’d be together now, the clear answer would of been a straightforward “lol” (AKA no f*cking method). Nonetheless it works out we’re really great at being in a relationship, so excellent that 8 years later on we nevertheless find random sh*t to speak about, we nevertheless laugh at eachother’s terrible terrible jokes, but the majority of most we nevertheless find it adorable once the other one is wasted and leaves a 5 moment very very long voicemail just and that means you know “they may be thinking about yourself.” (Ok nobody would like to learn about your f*cking that is perfect relationship pls move ahead).