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2nd in command had been back Admiral Charles M. Thomas, whom barely touched their meals during the farewell banquet and hurrahed the speechmaking having a noticeable not enough passion. Obese and enduring heart difficulty, Thomas too have been warned medical practitioner which he should cancel intends to sail because of the fleet. Undoubtedly, it absolutely was recommended, the admiral could submit an application for some less duty that is strenuous the eight months staying before their retirement. Thomas ingored the advice, mentioning it was their responsibility to complete all he to really make the voyage a success.

Back Admiral Charles S. Sperry, 3rd in line, cut a fine figure at banquet tables as well as on ballroom floors.

Unlike a few of the more fragile-looking officers, he had been erect, broad-shouldered, and not appeared as if sinking beneath the enormous epaulettes, the golden gondola of the cocked cap, the belt, braid, and buttons, the long blade and scabbard, along with other trappings of this brass bound uniform.

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