The key to a successful project completion

Project teams have come to realize the importance of planning expediting activities along with their inspection activities.

Expediting means helping customers identify and prevent potential problems in the supply chain from causing a delivery impact and subsequent cost implications. Effective expediting activities will ensure that all products are compliant, free from defects and they get to where they are needed, when they are needed.

Expediting activities are tailored to each customer’s needs, be it desk/telephone, field expediting or a combination of both. The Expediter will propose and modify the frequency of visits based on ongoing findings in agreement with the end client.


  • Ensure that materials and equipment are delivered in compliance with purchase orders requirements in terms of the PO description, quantities, delivery schedule, quality and with applying International/National codes and standards
  • Undergo a rigorous vetting to verify their competency and experience in the Expediting field
  • Interface with the manufacturers staff at all levels and those of the client management, procurement, engineering, inspection, and logistics departments. Timely and proper communication is essential to ensuring an effective expediting
  • Expediting activities management as per contractual requirements. Timely reporting is of the upmost importance and we set strict deadlines to ensure the report is issued within a minimum 24hrs after the visit
  • Detailed, easy to read and factual expediting reports.


HENSTE has a large pool of competent experienced Expediters around the globe.

Executing a good Expediting requires Expediters to be skilled in many areas. A good Expediter will:

  • exert pressure, as necessary, over a vendor and or its sub-vendors to ensure maintenance of the schedule. Same goes for clients Engineering/Logistic departments who may need expediting to maintain the schedule
  • challenge delays
  • highlight any outstanding or pending matters regarding delivery time and technical/engineering/commercial problems
  • propose and take actions/offer solutions to recover or prevent delays.
  • Act professionally at all times and deliver the highest service level and on time reporting.