Our solutions to minimise methane emissions along Oil & Gas supply chains, whilst supporting CO2 reduction and deployment of clean energy technologies

The International Energy Agency (IEA) projections suggest that oil and, in particular, natural gas will play important roles in the energy system for years to come, even under strong decarbonisation scenarios aligned with international climate goals.

Reinforcing efforts to minimise methane emissions along Oil & Gas industries supply chains is an essential complement to the reductions in CO2 that are led by increased efficiency and deployment of clean energy technologies.

Fugitive emission from a single source is characterized by a small entity, but due to the large number of components in the Oil & Gas facilities, the overall emission turns into a significant issue, determining an economic cost due to lost commodities and contributing to air pollution and climate change.

Major natural gas companies are carrying out a program to estimate and reduce methane emissions with the objective to quantify them starting at the wellhead and ending immediately downstream of the customer’s meter.