Bathy-morphological, stratigraphic, surface wave and refraction surveys

A thorough understanding of siting issues is essential for the success of any construction project: geophysical surveys are provided in conjunction with geotechnical investigations to integrate engineering data.

Surveys are conducted using specialized geophysical vessels and equipment in shallow and deep waters.

Service details

Main types of support for geophysical surveys are:

  • Preparation of technical specifications for the survey (e.g. survey plan, vessel and equipment requirements), survey data processing/reporting and estimation of costs and duration
  • Provision of on board personnel (e.g. for QA/QC data, preliminary data interpretation for survey optimization, and as client representative)
  • Bid evaluation support.

We are specialized in geophysical data interpretation for geological modelling and geo-hazard identification. Our expertise includes:

  • Morphological interpretation, based on an open source database, digital terrain models (e.g. elaboration of survey bathymetry data, topographic survey) and side scan sonar imagery
  • Geophysical interpretation for seismo-stratigraphy and structural mapping, based on sub-bottom profiler, ultra high resolution and 3D seismic data
  • Geo-hazard and geological mapping
  • Integration of geophysical and geotechnical survey data on the GIS platform.


  • Bathy-morphological surveys
  • Stratigraphic surveys
  • Surface wave and refraction surveys
  • Inspection surveys
  • Survey data processing and interpretation.

We organise and interpret data using the most advanced commercial platforms, including IHS Kingdom, ArcGis (ESRI) and SonarWiz.


We have been involved in geophysical offshore surveys for decades. We have a significant track record, in conjunction mainly with geotechnical investigations.