Offshore, nearshore and onshore geotechnical surveys

A thorough understanding of siting issues is essential for the success of any construction project: offshore geotechnical surveys in deep water, near shore and at landfalls, as well as onshore investigations, provide companies with reliable basic data for designs and support with geotechnical engineering and monitoring services.


Investigations for marine constructions include:

  • Piled jackets
  • Gravity base structures
  • Floating facilities and FPSO
  • Anchors and suction piles
  • Offshore pipelines
  • Jetties and ports
  • Jack-up rig siting

Geotechnical investigations from dedicated drilling vessels or jack-up platforms include:

  • Soil and rock drilling
  • Sampling (undisturbed and disturbed)
  • In-situ testing (CPTU, T-bar, seismic cone, vane shear).


  • Survey planning
  • Logistics and permitting
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Topography and surveying
  • Drilling in soil and rock
  • Sampling (undisturbed and disturbed)
  • In-situ testing groundwater measurements (permeability test and piezometer installation)
  • Laboratory testing on rock and soil
  • Site characterization engineering.


We have been continuously active in geotechnical offshore surveys for decades, with a significant track record in shallow to deep water, mainly for oil & gas projects.

We use our dedicated containerized field laboratories for testing on board of vessels or in remote field locations. Standard and advanced testing, as well as sedimentology core logging, are carried out in our laboratory in Genoa, Italy.