Enhance the image and the added value of products

The voluntary certification scheme of materials, components and products is aimed to assuring their conformity to technical norms and standards recognized by the market, and/or their compliance with final consumers’ requirements.

The service allows them developing appropriate specification to safeguard the technical aspects which are of particular relevance, even if the technical legislation is absent or incomplete, and enhancing the added value on the marked of the manufactured products.

Service details

HENSTE technicians conduct third party inspections of any product on the basis of contractual specifications and international applicable standards.

Certificates are issued upon satisfactory outcome of some or all of the following verifications:

  • analysis of the applicable specifications and standards
  • verification of the project’s conformity against the applicable specifications and standards
  • identification of checks to be performed during production
  • witnessing these checks
  • final inspection
  • control and verification of technical information files.


We may issue, upon request, various certifications for materials, components, systems and machineries, such as:

  • Certificates of conformity to the requirements of applicable international standards or technical specifications as stated in the purchase contract
  • Certificates of successful completion of testing activities
  • EN 10204 3.2 certificates attesting the conformity of steel materials to purchase contracts
  • Type approval certificates attesting the prototypes’ conformity to the requirements of the applicable regulations.


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