Independent assessment of conditions and warranty compliance to help keep assets performing in a safe, reliable and durable way to increase financial gains

Whilst asset management activities include a degree of optimisation, there can be a need for strategic interventions to assess the potential for performance improvements. 

Usually this occurs when the project approaches a critical milestone such as the end of a service contract, wholesale refurbishment, the expiry of manufacturer warranties or manufacturer maintenance support, or the potential sale of the project. It can also be tied to wider benchmarking of the project within a portfolio, or to best practice across the industry.

Latent issues can become apparent years after a plant is commissioned, following expiration of contractor warranties and financial securities. For this reason, in-depth quality and performance assessment is highly recommended, especially prior to financial milestones. Such assessment often pays for itself, as the early detection of certain issues may save a project from unpredicted future expenditures. 


Experience has shown that plant performance is variable. Whether the asset is operating as expected or is showing issues, companies can keep it performing in a safe, reliable and durable way to increase financial gains.

Performance analysis services cover the following key areas:

  • O&M review: benchmarking of technology or support services, spare parts and supply management strategy, retrofit or replacement planning
  • maintenance: review of maintenance practices to ensure compliance with contracts and standards to keep operations aligned with industry best practices
  • service performance reconciliation: desktop assessment, from a high-level review to a complete data trawl, in order to reconcile pre-construction estimates with operational datapower performance tests: detailed analysis of electrical output to assess plant performance in relation to operational storage energy capacity, power response across the system’s full state-of-charge range and speed of system response to operational triggers and thresholds.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the HENSTE governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.


HENSTE has been advisor for over 30 GW of renewable energy projects, from development to asset management. Our expertise in a wide range of issues enables us to carry out a dynamic investigation programme, including review of historic operational data, as well as incorporate a suite of independent onsite and laboratory tests.