Our resource efficiency methodology helps to optimise the use of multiple resources, from both a technical and financial perspective

Engineering consultancy design and management services make a great contribution in the environmental and sustainability fields.

Thanks to such solutions, organisations can increase environmental awareness, ensure compliance with local laws, international directives and standards, and improve social and economic context.

Furthermore, whether it is for compliance, green marketing or social responsibility purposes, we can support the development of carbon strategies thanks to a longstanding expertise in regulated and voluntary carbon markets.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the HENSTE governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.

Service details

HENSTE has developed a resource efficiency methodology to assist you in optimising the use of multiple resources, from both a technical and financial perspective. 

We are a key partner in the preparation of master plans, aiming to foster economic development and ensure compliance with environmental and social standards. 

Our offer also encompasses climate change mitigation and adaptation, thanks to a deep understanding of greenhouse gas reduction technologies and processes and to a direct involvement in resilience and disaster risk management programs.


Key sustainability services include:

  • siting, permitting and licensing
  • environmental and social impact assessments
  • environmental modelling and monitoring
  • environmental due diligence and monitoring audits
  • contaminated sites management
  • health impact assessments
  • strategic environmental and social assessments
  • water, wastewater and waste management
  • energy and resource efficiency audits
  • sustainability studies
  • management of sustainable financing facilities
  • technical due diligence and monitoring audits
  • climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • master and sustainability planning
  • technical assistance and capacity building.

Key Climate Change services include:

  • Climate Action Plans for sustainable operation of different types of built environments
  • GHG inventories
  • Carbon Footprint quantification of a product
  • GHG emissions calculation, associated with an event
  • find the most cost-effective solution to reduce GHG emissions
  • identify the most appropriate carbon offset standard, assisting you until the transaction is finalized 
  • assist in reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility activities.


Our team provides effective services worldwide to public bodies, international and local institutions, as well as to the private sector. We are familiar with environmental and social best practices in different markets, such as oil and gas, infrastructure, power generation, and industry.