Independent technical component reviews give investors the confidence they need, enhance your company's reputation and open up markets across the globe

The solar industry is subject to an ever-changing landscape of component suppliers and innovations. Selecting the right components for a power project requires careful inquiry and consideration by investors and plant owners.

Published efficiency data give only a snapshot of component performance. Operational projects and research have demonstrated a considerable range of product performance and reliability in the field. To understand the actual product reliability, a technical component review is vital.

By evaluating all the important factors that form the specification of the product and the company, our dedicated technical reviews of key components in the renewable energy system can reduce investment risk by adding quality assurance to the component procurement process.

Service details

Technical component reports can be added to technical due diligence packages and presented to project investors, developers and distributors to provide quality assurance; helping customers expand their presence in existing markets or opening up new market segments for their product.


Independent technical reviews evaluate product specifications, certifications and company track records. We then assess the performance indicators of components against those of market leading peers.

What’s more, our module reviews incorporate independent laboratory quality testing at an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified laboratory. Finally, we undertake an inspection of the factory to review whether manufacturing procedures and quality control steps are in line with the latest market practices.

Reviews typically cover the following key areas:

  • technical overview of the supplier including performance of reference projects utilising the equipment, market acceptance, supply chain, performance guarantees, warranty and claims’ provision, and environmental, health and safety practices
  • technical overview of the equipment based on manufacturer-supplied data and, where appropriate, verified by an independent laboratory. Additional testing can be carried out to confirm the reliability of the equipment
  • factory assessment with a review of the production processes used, including subcomponent supply, quality control, testing facilities and health and safety.


We have assessed numerous manufacturers of primary system components that are used in a range of applications. Whether working directly for the manufacturer, project developer or investor, we are well qualified to provide an independent assessment.


Which components in a photovoltaic (PV) system are subject to the review?

  • PV modules
  • inverters
  • energy storage systems
  • mounting structures, including tracking systems
  • transformers
  • switchgear
  • monitoring systems.